Tow Yards

How it Works

The cars you end up acquiring through your towing services due to unclaimed vehicles put you in a position where you need to get rid of those vehicles through auctions or listing sites.

Tow Yard Cars makes it easy for you to list your vehicles, and notify auto-wrecking yards in your surrounding cities that you have vehicles ready to be picked up and broken down for parts.

Save time from calling auto-wrecking yards for bids and trying to figure out how much you can get for the vehicles you need to unload.

Simply take a few pictures of your vehicle and create a listing on Tow Yard Cars to automate the entire process and get buyers willing to pay top dollar for your vehicles.

Tow Yard Cars is constantly adding new auto wrecking yards in cities across the United States who are looking to buy junk vehicles for their inventory. 

Signing up is fast, and listing your vehicles is easy. Get started today!

Auto-Wrecking Yards

How it Works

It’s crucial that your auto-wrecking yard has a supply of used OEM parts that are in-demand at the time a consumer needs them. Having a good supply of parts and scrap vehicles will always put your business in a position to make more money from ready buyers in your local market.

Tow Yard Cars makes it easy for you to stay updated on the latest vehicle listings from local tow yards that are looking to sell unclaimed vehicles directly to wrecking yards near them.

Simply create an account, and subscribe to vehicle listings from your surrounding cities to be notified early when new vehicles that match your search criteria become available. Quickly send offers to the local tow yards if new listings catch your eye.

Tow Yard Cars is constantly growing our database of active tow yards. Signing up is Free, and subscribing is easy. Get started today!