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About Us

Welcome to towyardcars.com and thank you for visiting this web site. Towyardcars.com was created with the tow man and auto wrecking companies in mind. The thought behind towyardcars.com is to bring a higher dollar to the towing company for the cars and trucks they have acquired through their day-to-day towing operations and to give the auto wrecking industry a place to view and buy the automobiles they would like to have as part of their inventory.

Towing companies acquire cars, trucks, motorcycles, power sport toys, Rv’s and other towable items for various reasons. Most of the cars the tow man ends up acquiring are cars that have been impounded by law enforcement agencies or cars that have been involved in auto accidents and through the private sector, private property impounds. Generally towing companies work with one or two auto wrecking companies who purchase all of the cars and trucks that they end up acquiring and the towing company generally gets just over scrap price for most of the autos they take to them. This reason being, that a lot of the time the auto wrecking companies already have the same cars and or trucks in there inventory that are being offered to them. If the tow man had the time and patience to call ten to twenty different auto wrecking companies there is no doubt they would make 200+ more dollars per car from one auto wrecking company to the next. This method benefits the auto wrecking company even better than it does the towing company because now the auto wrecking companies can view all the cars and trucks available for sale on an easy to use classified web site from all the towing companies that are in their area. Now they can purchase the cars and trucks they want and need in their inventory instead of spending money for autos that they already have and really do not want or need.

Towyardcars.com is being offered to every towing company and every auto wrecking company in all major cities across the country. If you have discovered Towyardcars.com spread the word to your fellow tow man and auto wrecking companies.

Towyardcars.com also provides a place to list classic part cars, vintage parts cars, wrecked motorcycles and also has a commercial medium duty vehicle section.
Towyardcars.com also provides a section for towing companies to list all of their
Good running and drivable vehicles. About 20% of vehicles the towing companies end up acquiring are good running and drivable cars, which are generally sold below a dealer wholesale price. If you know of anyone looking for a good running and drivable car for a great price tell them to look on towyardcars.com.

Thank you for visiting towyardcars.com and learning about this web site and what it has to offer your company. If you feel there is a problem with this site not working properly or if you have an idea this site could use to better serve you please go to the contact link and leave us a message. We hope towyardcars.com is a benefit to your company and that it will bring a new age to the towing and auto wrecking industries for years to come……